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Voice, guitar, cajon. Our kit for every hit. We met and enjoyed it in a blink of an eye.
The chance brought us together and we took it further. To the other side of music.
On our side.

Florin and I, have a history shaping a heavy-duty band, a BIO product, for rock addicted only. As most of those addicted guys quit over the years, we were looking forward to something a little bit softer, yet strong enough to play it hard.

Unexpectedly, Fely came along. And out with a bang. So, we started the band. Fely's voice gives you no choice but to become an instant fan. In her early youth (as she is still very young at her 26) she was a voice over for local commercials in her hometown. Now she is the voice that you want to hear over and over. She sang along the way until she made her path and came to hit the screen on Music Channel and YouTube. She plays everything and knows the name of the game. Covering and re-covering for now, but aiming beyond, to a music on our own. LIKE it when we JOIN to SHARE feelings.

Flocea stepped aside from the drums and layed his eyes on the cajon. And his hands, as well, empowering the show. With no sticks to break - like in BIO - he only breaks it through to the beating ride. Colourful and unconventional, he acts as himself and feels good. Like we all do.

I figure it out, checking into and over, toning up, always in a quest for the perfect sound. It is a delight to keep the spirits bright. For us and the fans. And do that leaving our personal touch on the songs we play. The band tastes hot and spicy. Take a bite. Click the links.

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