Few words about the way things went:

How comes the music? Well ... it comes all along. Because I feel it quite strange to tell my story myself and because my friend, Iulian Ignat wrote the most nice article on me, I will use it and fill in the blanks:

"My mother bought me a 333 lei Reghin guitar, in the winter I broke my leg skiing (I was 8). She reminded I had had a mandoline which I used to jingle - jangle when I was in kindergarden. Imagine songs like Iancu la Tebea or Treceti batalioane romane, Carpatii played on mandoline with the same sounds repeated over and over. And I started to handle the guitar in the same way. Nobody knew to tune it. As you can imagine it was quite a noisy environment in the house. At this stage I've already been playing BoneyM, ABBA, Dalida, shouting on Mahalia Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald (in an imaginary English), and covering Victor Socaciu, Mircea Vintila, Nicu Alifantis, Angela Similea, Corina Chiriac, Eva Kiss, Dida Dragan, Aurelian Andreescu, only jingle - jangle. Despite I was the pride of my grandmother, my mother decided to have me taking lessons from an old friend and guitar teacher - Gheorghe Katalinic - a super nice Serbian guy. So, pour le conaisseurs, E Minor and G Major were my first chords. At one time, Ilie Stepan had a brief intervention while I was still recovering my broken leg and taught me a couple of very exotic Spanish chords."

After playing tens of folk songs, Romanian festivals and school performances, I found a rhytm - Logarhytm. This was the band of the school I was attending at that time and I went on playing with them even after I was enroled to another school (from Loga Highschool to Philology - History Highschool). Then we headed towards a musical cardinal point - Cardinal Band. As the social and musical reality got on our nerves, we ended as neurotics and had a great time in Neurotica Band. The first disk in '94, was a sort of Megadeth & Co trash emulation. I hear that the vinyl still sounds impressive. We had a highlight with Neurotica in'97, with the album Bio. Those were really extraordinary times, we had 60 - 70 shows a year in Romania, Austria, Hungary and Germany.

"The real luck for me and my generation mates was that we raised on the time of great guitarists. We wanted to be just like them ... and we realised this is not possible without 8 hours of study a day. Historically speaking, we had to carry on the huge heritage of Puba Hromadka, Misi Farcas, Paul Weiner, Doru Apreotesei, Eugen Gondi, Toni Kuhn, Bratu Banica, Phoenix, Progresiv Tm. Most of them had left and we were struggling to fill the gap remained with talent and unconditional involvement, wearing the same pair of jeans and gloves as the year before, in the same crowded buses and trams, to the rehearsal rooms at Casa Tineretului and Casa Studentilor in Timisoara.

I saw an artist live and I wanted to be ust like him, on the same stage, not in his place. Unlike today "Youtube generation", aiming impossible targets seen on the Internet, I have refered myself in the first place with the artista on the Romanian, Serbian or Hungarian stages. They were closer, more human, within the same cultural pattern. Great bands and nowadays great friends, Holograf, Iris, Compact, Celelalte Cuvinte and those who I mostly loved at the time as a local patriot - Pro Musica. I wanted so hard to meet the boys in Pro Musica... And I did with my mother's help. Now, in various circumstances I play with them, Lica Dolga, Cristian Podratsky, Dixie Krauser, Bujor Hariga (my second guitar teacher)."

In '98 the time of white jazz has come. In Romanian, BLAZZAJ, read backwards, means "white jazz". Fall - 2005, my rock band arrives - BIO. I toured with Aura Urziceanu, Stefan Hrusca, I brought the great bass player Dominique di Piazza to Garana Jazz Festival and played with him, and also played at most of the editions of this festival along with Eberhard Webber, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Ulf Wakenius, Victor Wooten, Yellow Jackets. I go to international music shows and fairs and connect classic plays to high voltage electric guitar in Mozart Rocks concerts.

Besides my contribution to the composition part in BLAZZAJ and BIO, I compose my own music, which I play in trio or quartet formula. Horea Crisovan Quartet was the opening act for Garana Jazz Festival in July 2011.

I am a member of the Cover Band and I play a lot in Fely, Horea & Florin formula - the latest combination. I have acoustic concerts with Ilie Stepan and we work together every time one of his golden disks is released. Every one of them has a part on this site and in my heart. Read and let the music take the lead.

I'll go on playing and riding - as you like it.

Source: Formula AS

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